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Jadeite's Portait
I know, I know it's been forever. I wanted to post my Fursona. Been getting back into Anthro art that and I'm getting a Fursuit. Not his tongue, he has a goatee btw. I have a friend coloring this. I can't wait to see it when she's done.
So where to start, rather than create a Planet or use a possible existing city, created my own. Tamashii Island was created by a Japanese American (No name yet for him) back in the 80s, it's between North America and Japan. Becoming the first joint Country owned by two other Countries. Tamashii City the only city on this Island is also the leading City for technology in the world, free from Religion and other worldly faults. 15 years had past when a strange meteorite was found in Arizona, while no one could figure out it's origins, the meteroite was sent off to Tamashii Island to their Military base. A group of three top leading scientist worked night and day till one day the stone came to life. Rest is for later.

5 years later now the year 2000 we focus on high school girl named Heather and her life. Walking home after school she stumbles on a bright blue stone in an abandoned construction site that would forever change her life. Heather is your spunky 17 year old girl who loves to read comics and manga, unlike other average girls. She also studies hard and gets good grades always trying be a role model like the heroins she read about. Thanks to the help of a mysterious voice in her head she is able to become a heroin named Phoenix. Phoenix can control flames which burn a bluish white and she even has small flaming wings. The voice in her head is another Senshi or Warrior like her, with different elemental powers. This voice trains her to control and use her powers to help save others. Everything seems fine still she stumbles on to an underground gang that's collecting stones like the one that gave her this power. Levi aka Jadeite is the first Senshi she meets outside the voice, he seems to have a grudge against this gang known as the Black Hearts. Tho he often teams up with Phoenix, it's mainly to rob the stones the Black Hearts collect. Sometime later she meets a free spirited girl named Amanda aka Shay-Lee and shortly after Jadeite joins them which Phoenix renames him Rogue and together form the Guardian Lights.

I should go into some details about these Space Gems, when bonding with a human it pulls out their deepest feelings and such aligning them to three groups. Justice which bare white uniforms and will always stand up for others in need. Neutral the grey uniformed Senshi, they are not good, nor bad. Last Chaos the black uniformed Senshi, villains to say the lest. Neutral is special because a Neutral Senshi can switch to Justice or Chaos once. The spirit inside the gem bonds with the host giving them appearances of mythical animals and such; like firebirds, dragons, sea monsters, and other things of fantasy. The stones themselves are not Justice, Neutral, or Chaos but they do have a set Element or Elements. Dual elements are common and often create strange powers because of their mixture. There are all together 12 Elements like the Zodiac; Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Ice, Nature, Metal, Thunder, Poison, Dream, Light, and Dark. They do not have weakness or strengths, yet are a form of the Senshi's fighting style. Nature tho is the most complex Element of them all, in the fact it deals with both Plants and Animals. Also as the Senshi grows, so do their powers and appearance, like leveling up. Things like there second element comes into play or they gain new things like claws, wings, tails, and etc. Some Senshi, like a handful gain new forms which they can transform into to gain more power. One character to say is Rogue, while on the land he is rather slow. He has very little appearance changes, but when near large bodies of water he unlocks a new form.
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